Our Partners

NorthWrite  is the leading information management company specializing in the delivery of innovative energy and facility solutions.  NorthWrite’s mission is to help facility managers and building owners control their operational, energy, and facility management costs by providing easy-to-use software applications and complimentary technical and operational services
Joule Assets provides capital for energy efficiency and demand management projects. Joule delivers sophisticated financing tools and enhanced value to energy suppliers, energy service companies, communities, and businesses seeking economic and environmental upgrades. Joule’s energy market expertise and unique performance- based financing approach (i.e. allowing repayment of capital from energy savings) attract businesses seeking to strengthen financial performance through increased productivity, increased asset value, a reduced carbon footprint, and reduced energy expenses. 

Envirolution One empowers young adults to be the drivers of sustainable change in their communities while gaining the real world, new economy skill sets to obtain green jobs in the future. Through training and mentoring, participating students become Community Energy Consultants who provide access to affordable, measurable environmental and financial benefits for small businesses and other institutions in their neighborhoods.